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Extended Password Generator is an unique tool which can help you to generate pronounceable and random passwords, secure against brute-force dictionary attacks.

The generated passwords are in the form of easily pronounceable English grammar, thus they can easily be remembered, stored, and entered into computer systems.

The algorithm was initially suggested by National Technical Information Service (NTIS), developed at Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) No181 "Automated Password Generator" and was slightly modified by me to implement exclude/include scheme.

This algorithm uses pseudo-random generator (PRG) to find characters that make syllables and then pronounceable words. PRG produces random data in accordance with the procedure, described in Appendix C of ANSI X9.17, and uses 3DES as a block cipher. The seed and the key are filled with data obtained from the OS CryptoAPI. That data is cryptographically random and may be used to generate random initialization vectors and salt values. Thus, it is no need to manually seed the random number generator.

EPG can produce random passwords. It is a simple excerption from available symbolsets according to the value obtained from PRG.

These days hackers are equipped with brute-force dictionaries of frequent, human-devised passwords. Running through that list can help the attackers to find the password and break through defence. In EPG each generated password can be checked against the Bloom Filter and if it is not reliable, it is marked with the cross or exclamation mark. False positive answers are possible though. BFM (Bloom Filter Manager) is shipped with EPG to help you manage the Bloom Filters. This idea of Bloom Filter was invented by Adel I. Mirzazhanov's APG.

The generated or user provided passwords can be exported to txt/html file, copied to the clipboard or printed. EPG has also a nice GUI and context sensitive help with F1 key.

EPG uses some routines of Boost Library.

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EPG is distributed under GNU General Public License.

EPG - Extended Password Generator
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